8×8 Adds 80+ International Dial-in Numbers [to Video Meetings]

8x8 Adds 80+ International Dial-in Numbers

For the past few months 8×8 has been offering it’s Standalone Video Meetings platform free to all users without any limitations: no limits to the number of meetings, no limits to the duration of meetings and up to 50 participants per meeting (with no limit if live streaming via YouTube). But now in this time of crisis, we need to do more to help our global community of enterprises and entrepreneurs ensure business continuity by keeping their people safe and productive at home.

That’s why 8×8 has just expanded the reach of its Video Meetings platform to include over 80 local dial-in numbers, 11 of them toll-free in over 55+ countries. This will allow thousands of affected local businesses to connect with suppliers, customers and colleagues without having to leave the safety of their own homes. For international employers, this will allow them to connect with local employees worldwide without incurring any long-distance charges whatsoever all while ensuring those employees remain productive and out of harm’s way.