Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA) Continues to Support the Industry During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in the music industry. It has brought silence to clubs, halls, theaters, arenas and stadiums nationwide. It’s not just the performers who are sidelined, but also the crews behind the scenes – the engineers and live event crews that make the performances possible.

“The impact on the live sound industry has been devastating for the business as a whole,” said Greg Beebe, chair of the board of directors of the Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA), an association of leading companies dedicated to the awareness and appreciation of high-quality professional audio through education, passion and common purpose.

“On the personal level, that business disruption means economic hardship for those who rely on live sound for their livelihood. Recognizing the need for a helping hand for the unsung heroes of the industry, PAMA has allocated funds to help two organizations that are firmly entrenched in this sector — The Clinic and Crew Nation. We are donating $2500.00 to each to target individuals in need.” […]