Agora’s Real-Time Engagement API Powers Live Shopping Experience for UK-based LiveSell in Partnership with Arena Flowers

Agora, Inc. (NASDAQ: API), a pioneer and leading platform for real-time engagement APIs, today announced the launch of live shoppable video sessions for Arena Flowers, the UK’s leading ethical flower business. The capability was built in partnership with LiveSell, a leading provider of Live Video Shopping solutions to power interactive retail and e-commerce experiences for a new generation of shoppers across devices.

As Gen Z consumers continue to embrace live shopping as a means to purchase their favorite products, as well as to better connect with brands, Arena’s offering aims to capitalize on the trend while modernizing floral sales strategies. During Arena’s Live Shopping sessions, customers can watch as the florist creates one of their hand-tied bouquets, asking them questions about the bouquet or what bouquet might be best suited to them. Soon, customers will even be able to create bespoke bouquets with a florist, offering their input in real-time from wherever they may be in the world. There will also be time-limited deals on products for participants attending livestream shows.

Agora’s technology, built in partnership with LiveSell’s video-dedicated network, allows for best-in-class audio and video quality, reliability and scalability. Agora provides capabilities for two-way voice, video and text interaction with hosts, plus features such as live polling, private messaging and the simultaneous streaming of shows to other social networks. Live Shopping provides a highly customisable shopping experience that can be integrated with existing websites and is available on any device with a web browser.