“Alexa, Start My Meeting,” DTEN Devices Go Hands-free With Alexa For Business And Zoom Rooms

DTEN today introduces the integration of voice-activated Alexa for Business features with its award-winning Zoom Rooms appliances. Through intuitive voice commands, DTEN customers may instantly schedule meetings, manage device controls and access informational resources via Alexa – all completely hands-free. The addition of Alexa for Business is part of DTEN’s timely initiative to facilitate safe return to the office, as well as the company’s goal to always make video conferencing easy and intuitive.

“Alexa for Business is a smart addition to DTEN’s all-in-one devices, widely recognized for our seamless, plug and play video conferencing experiences,” says Peter Yaskowitz, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The ability to schedule and manage meetings through Alexa promotes safety, offers a natural experience and simplifies meeting management.”

With Alexa for Business, DTEN customers can instantly connect to meetings through voice commands. By linking Alexa for Business to the organization’s calendar system, users can ask “Alexa is this room free?,” “Alexa, extend the meeting for half an hour,” or “Alexa, find a room.” Keeping employees on time is also essential, so Alexa even reminds employees when there are only 5 minutes left in a meeting.