Announcing DTEN ONboard, The Inclusive Collaboration Device Purpose-Built For The New Zoom Advanced Whiteboard

DTEN introduces DTEN ONboard, an interactive, touch-enabled device created to elevate collaboration in the hybrid workplace. DTEN ONboard allows equal access to its digital display for both in-office and remote users, promoting greater participation and optimizing inclusion. With its shared, persistent canvas, DTEN ONboard also inspires engagement before, during, and after a meeting.

“Collaboration isn’t a single meeting, it’s a collective, creative, and inclusive process. DTEN ONboard provides the interactive hub that enables the entire team to participate equally, to continuously build on ideas, and share progress,” says Rick Corteville, CMO at DTEN.

DTEN ONBoard was developed in conjunction with Zoom as the first device natively supporting the newly released Zoom Advanced Whiteboard features. Designed to function as its own standalone appliance or as a companion whiteboard to any existing Zoom Rooms, ONboard features a 4K 55-inch display with 10-point capacitive touch screen. As with all DTEN products, it is simple to set-up, convenient to manage and intuitive to use. Callout capabilities include:

  • Dynamic Engagement. DTEN ONboard serves as the focal point to brainstorm, diagram, and visualize concepts in the office —and is equally inclusive when remote team members join in.
  • Advanced Touch. At the board or from a remote device, with a finger or stylus, the entire team can engage and participate in real-time.
  • Persistent Hub. Keep going after the meeting ends, using DTEN ONboard to expand on ideas and add new content, together or asynchronously.
  • Extendable Canvas. Pinch and zoom to keep expanding collaborations vertically and horizontally, all with seamless navigation.
  • Easy Sharing. Collaborations can easily be sent via chat or by email to team members and shared with others as an invitation to join the project.
  • Visualization Tools. Sticky notes, shapes and connectors, drop and drag images: all tools available to facilitate your collaborations.