Audinate announces new OEM modules, provides supply chain update

Addressing one of the most important, complex, and dynamic commercial issues impacting the global Pro AV industry, Audinate (ASX:AD8) today announced the actions the company has been taking to minimize and mitigate the impact of global supply issues. In addition, as part of its strategy to ensure availability of product, the company announced next generation, drop-in replacements for its popular Brooklyn and Fremont modules.

Semiconductor analysts report that the global supply chain challenge is largely a demand issue more than a supply issue. It’s exacerbated in lower-volume industries like Pro AV because chip allocations are being diverted to large volume clients/industries like consumer electronics, automotive and military.

The supply chain challenges facing Pro AV manufacturers took on additional complexity and intensity in the Q3-21 when the supply of particular chips used widely in the AV industry, suddenly and nearly completely became unavailable.

“An already challenging situation became even worse during Q3-21 and left manufacturers scrambling to find solutions,” explains Mathew Mornington-West, Chief Operating Officer of Audinate. “Parts that weren’t supposed to be end-of-life for another five years were suddenly no longer available.”