AudioCodes Sued For Infringement of Automatic Repeat ReQuest Transmission Patent

On Tuesday, plaintiff Swirlate IP filed a complaint in the District of Delaware against defendant AudioCodes Inc., an advanced voice networking software company, for patent infringement alleging that the defendant infringed the patents-in-suit through its Accused Instrumentality.

The patents-in-suit are United States Patent No. 7,154,961 (the ’961 patent) and 7,567,622 (the ’622 patent), both entitled “Constellation Rearrangement for ARQ Transmit Diversity Schemes.”

According to the complaint, the ’961 patent “relates to the field of Automatic Repeat reQuest (‘ARQ’) transmission techniques in wireless communication systems.” Specifically, the plaintiff stated that it “relates to a method for transmitting data using transmit diversity schemes in which data packets are transmitted using a first and second transmission based on a repeat request and the bit-to-symbol mapping is performed differently for different transmitted diversity branches.”