Avaya OneCloud™ Communications and Collaboration Solutions for Advanced Call Center Technologies (ACT), an Outsourcing Provider, Improve Experiences While Significantly Reducing Costs

Avaya (NYSE: AVYA), a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, is providing enhanced experiences and significant annual cost reductions for Advanced Call Center Technologies (ACT) – an organization delivering outsourcing programs for some of the largest companies in the country – with Avaya OneCloud™. ACT chose the Avaya OneCloud platform, which empowers businesses with tools to provide a Total Experience. It increases efficiencies and reduces costs by flexibly supporting the company’s growth, standardizes on an extensible solution set, and enables effective collaboration between customers, employees, and partners. The Avaya OneCloud Subscription option enabled them to save up to a million dollars annually on video conferencing and collaboration while call volume increased 20-fold and employees moved to remote working during the pandemic.

As an outsourcing company for top organizations in the nation spanning industries such as healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, and retail, ACT experienced a surge in call volume during the pandemic as it became the core hub fielding calls for its clients. ACT went from 2,000 calls per day to 40,000 calls per day. The unpredictable growth required a solution offering a flexible consumption model such as Avaya OneCloud Subscription that could grow as they did, while also standardizing its systems with centralized tools available for everyone in real-time.

This led the customer service provider to select Avaya OneCloud. Hunter Croft, President and CEO at ACT, and his team already recognized it was the right time to explore the composable solutions available from Avaya that would support future needs while addressing current challenges. By consolidating its video, meetings, and collaboration platforms and eliminating redundancy, overall productivity and user satisfaction increased while reducing costs.