Avaya Receives Continued Listing Standard Notice from NYSE

Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA) (“Avaya” or “the Company”), a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, today announced that on December 29, 2022, it received notice from the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) indicating that the Company is no longer in compliance with the NYSE’s continued listing standards because the average closing price of the Company’s common stock was less than $1.00 over a consecutive 30 trading-day period. The notice does not result in the immediate delisting of the Company’s common stock from the NYSE.

The Company intends to notify the NYSE of its intent to cure the stock price deficiency and return to compliance with the continued listing standards. Under NYSE rules, the Company has a period of six months from receipt of the notice to cure the stock price deficiency and regain compliance with the NYSE’s continued listing standards. The Company’s common stock will continue to be listed and trade on the NYSE during this cure period, subject to Avaya’s compliance with other NYSE continued listing standards.

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