Aveo Systems Expands Mira Connect Applications With New Release

Aveo Systems’ latest release to its Mira Connect™ smart AV control system brings new functionality for a broad range of applications, offering support for broadcast TV tuners, sound masking applications, and extending Zoom Rooms® capabilities.

Cable, satellite, and off-air TV tuners are now supported via Mira Connect, making AV control easier for any application where broadcast TV content is desired. Integrators can easily add the tuner, define channel favorites, upload channel icons, and route the tuners to displays. As with other Mira Connect features, the tuner user interface is automatically created. “Integrators working across a variety of applications have expressed an interest in using Mira Connect outside the boardroom of classroom,” said Craig Richardson, Aveo Systems CEO/President, “including some unique retail spaces, hospitality, and other styles of rooms. Adding support for TV tuners to the Mira Connect framework makes it easier to use Mira Connect in these installations.

Extending Zoom Rooms, users can now access the hand raise feature in their systems via Mira Connect, with icons showing call participants who are requesting to speak and highlighting this information for instructors. When remote participants lower their hands, the status returns to normal. “This feature is especially useful for educators who are working with remote students,” said Richardson.