AVerMedia and Barco Join Forces to Create Integrated Conferencing Solution

AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., a leader in audiovisual technology, is pleased to announce that it is joining Barco’s ClickShare Alliance Partner Program. This partnership ensures that AVerMedia conferencing webcams and speakerphones are fully compatible with Barco’s ClickShare Conference. Meeting participants around the globe can now confidently integrate AVerMedia’s cutting-edge audiovisual quality with Barco’s innovative wireless conferencing solution.

The joint solution by Barco and AVerMedia creates a seamless, wireless conferencing ecosystem for all kinds of small meeting rooms. With just a press of the Barco ClickShare Button or launching the ClickShare App, users can wirelessly connect to the video and audio from AVerMedia peripherals and share content with only one click in any video conference room. Users can bring their own device to meeting rooms and get set up in an instant, with no need for technical support. The solution is also compatible with nearly every popular conferencing platform.

In addition to greater ease of use, the Barco and AVerMedia solution also provides a clean, professional conferencing experience. With connections between personal devices and AVerMedia peripherals completely wireless, fewer cables are necessary, making meeting spaces more orderly and avoiding the need to search for the right cable before joining a conference. Moreover, with cable length no longer a limitation, users can join meetings and actively collaborate from nearly anywhere in a room.