AVI-SPL and Primeview Global Announce Agreement to Deliver Hybrid LED Wall Experiences

The Training Center LED solution combines compellingly aggregated displays of meeting participants and relevant video, graphics, and other material with a multi-person work surface. Seating arrangements allow remote and office-based participants to experience interpersonal interactions without the degrees of separation that typically characterize hybrid work scenarios.

“I’m happy to work with Primeview and offer this new bundled solution of LED and furniture to accelerate digital workplace innovation for AVI-SPL customers, said Patrick Hannon, AVI-SPL senior VP global procurement. “We’ve completed several exciting projects with Primeview already, including incredible LED walls at a prominent attorneys’ office and a state university,” Hannon added.

Primeview specializes in manufacturing high-quality advanced display solutions with a focus on the industrial market. This market includes industries such as oil and gas, supply chain, defense, and medical device systems. Primeview provides a one-stop-shop for display solutions, including digital signage, video conferencing systems, and high-brightness displays for training rooms, classrooms, boardrooms.