AVI-SPL Puts Experience at the Center of Technology Design for InfoComm 2022

AVI-SPL, the world’s leading digital enablement services provider, today revealed the theme of its InfoComm 2022 exhibition – putting human experience at the center of technology design so people can work smarter and live better. The AVI-SPL exhibit is located at booth W1937 in the InfoComm 2022 Conferencing and Collaboration pavilion.

This human-centric approach improves the outcomes of functional and platform technology design. Functional design strives to seamlessly enable environments to serve specific purposes, like a meeting room. It optimizes spaces for user experience. Platform design enables IT to support specific applications like Cisco Webex or Microsoft Teams. It drives employee experience. Human experience design is foundational to both, yet often overlooked.

The key to creating exceptional experiences that help people work smarter and live better is to optimally integrate an understanding of human experience with content, space, and technology design. This strategy also is the underlying philosophy of AVIXA and the origin of its name, an acronym which stands for “audiovisual and integrated experience association.”

Experience is a central theme as companies everywhere re-imagine the future of work, accelerate digital transformation, and rapidly experiment with new digital workplace models. In every case, AVI-SPL helps customers to reimagine their relationships with their customers and with their employees by bringing human experience into the design process.

InfoComm 2022 visitors will see how AVI-SPL elevates technology design in four critical ways with: 1.) the new experience technology practice XTG, 2.) new virtual reality design services to support human-centric design in real-time, 3.) new UCC room standards and IT services for platforms like Microsoft Teams, Webex by Cisco, Zoom, and Google Meet, and 4.) the enhanced AVI-SPL Symphony 6.0 platform to proactively monitor and manage meeting technology.