AVMI boss Ed Cook steps down

Ed Cook will cease the daily operation of AVMI in August before a departure at the end of September as part of the integration process of AVMI into Kinly.

The move follows an announcement by Robbert Bakker, CEO, Kinly, who revealed to Inavate that Kinly had started talks with AVMI in December 2019, confirmed that AVMI would be fully integrated into Kinly with the retention of AVMI’s 600-employee strong staff.

Cook planned to step down following the initial integration of the company, leaving the business on amicable terms. Cook commented: “AVMI and Kinly have always made a perfect match and so I am delighted to be able to leave the Company in an excellent position to become a truly global market leader. Despite the massive disruption from Covid-19, we have completed the acquisition and first phase of the subsequent integration. […]

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