Biamp Introduces Devio SCX Series, Extending Plug-and-Play Conferencing to Medium and Large Meeting Spaces

Biamp® today announced the Devio™ SCX Series of conference room signal processors, which deliver extraordinary audio quality and deploy with groundbreaking ease and speed. Devio SCX leverages the popular Devio platform designed for huddle rooms and smaller conference spaces and expands it to deliver the same exceptional audio and simple installation experience for medium and large conference spaces. The series features Biamp Launch, Biamp’s one-touch automatic discovery and tuning feature, accessible at the press of a button. By automating the room tuning and commissioning process, Biamp Launch guarantees a consistently great audio experience in any space with remarkable speed.

“The Devio SCX Series features the renowned installation simplicity and efficiency of Devio with the processing power required for larger spaces, previously addressable only with TesiraFORTÉ,” said Joe Andrulis, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, Biamp. “It’s literally as easy as connecting room devices and pushing a button. The processor automatically detects the connected equipment, and Biamp Launch takes care of the rest. Devio SCX delivers professional-grade features and optimized performance with the setup simplicity traditionally found in only fixed-configuration systems. You no longer need to sacrifice quality for simplicity. Devio SCX gives you both.”