BlueJeans Maximizes the WFH Experience with Secure Video Collaboration at Scale

BlueJeans by Verizon, a trusted enterprise-grade video conferencing and events platform, today announced a core set of new features for meeting security, engagement, and time management to augment the work from home (WFH) experience. Driven by rising customer demand for more natural collaboration and secure engagements as the world settles into today’s remote work reality, the latest enhancements to BlueJeans Meetings help remote workers stay safe, stay connected, and stay productive.

“Having BlueJeans in place to facilitate real-time video communication across the company has been mission-critical for ensuring our business continuity during these uncertain times,” said Peo Enea, Global Voice and Multimedia, Electrolux IT. “With the majority of our 55,000 strong workforce working remotely right now, user experience and security have never been more important. With BlueJeans Meetings, we know we’re providing our employees with a trusted platform for internal collaboration and customer support that’s both easy to use and thoughtfully designed to improve upon the overall work from home experience.”

As organizations quickly looked for ways over the past few months to bolster employee productivity and improve business outcomes, BlueJeans saw a 300% increase in utilization over the pre-COVID-19 average—which required rapid scale out. BlueJeans was able to stay ahead of traffic increases smoothly and seamlessly and remain focused on accelerating product innovation around emergent customer needs that support the way people work today. […]

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