Bluescape Announces Pricing Plans for the Company’s Visual Platform for High-Value Collaboration to Meet the Needs of Customers Today

Bluescape today announced pricing plans for the company’s visual platform for high-value collaboration, with tiered structures aimed at meeting the ever-changing needs of today’s workplace. The announcement coincides with Bluescape’s latest software release, which features a new “light theme” to mimic whiteboards, alignment guides to simplify the placement of objects, and new colors to provide truly customizable virtual workspaces.

“In today’s ever-changing corporate landscape, it can be a challenge for business leaders to implement virtual tools capable of keeping up with the pace of business,” says Peter Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Bluescape. “Using Bluescape, teams of any size – and across any industry – can seamlessly share information, collaborate and make better decisions in an increasingly digital environment. Our new pricing structure was created to reflect this incredible value.”