Bluescape changes the remote work game with new Webex partnership

Bluescape, a visual collaboration and online whiteboard platform, is teaming up with Webex to introduce Bluescape for Webex. This integration, announced at the Cisco Live event, enables users to communicate and collaborate seamlessly, providing a superior meeting experience.

The Bluescape for Webex app provides hybrid and remote teams with a powerful alternative to screen sharing by allowing them to add a Bluescape workspace to their existing Webex meeting application. From there, users can share images, videos, files, and other content in high fidelity on a secure workspace that can be attached to their meetings.

“The workplace is at a critical moment in time,” says Bluescape CEO Peter Jackson. “The way we work isn’t going to look like it did before 2020, so remote and hybrid teams need tools that meet their needs. That means tools that alleviate stress without compromising quality of work.”

Teams can meet and collaborate on projects side-by-side to have better and more efficient meetings by bringing together the power of real-time communication with the flexibility of asynchronous collaboration. The Bluescape for Webex app will allow users to get more work done quickly through increased productivity and asynchronous work. Advantages of Bluescape’s integration for Webex include: