Bluescape partners with Bureau of Magic Studios to create “Passport to Oz”

Bureau of Magic Studios (BoM), the owners and creative producers behind the animated Emmy Award-winning “Lost in Oz” series, today announced they are set to launch Passport to Oz, a membership-based, community-powered experience built on the blockchain, that invites fans to be a part of the continuing Oz story. Bluescape, a visual collaboration and online whiteboard platform, will be a key technology partner in the launch, driving collaboration among a distributed team of creatives and partners.

“Projects like ‘Lost in Oz’ and Passport to Oz are exactly why we created Bluescape,” says Peter Jackson, CEO of Bluescape. “We’ve always been committed to enhancing the way teams work on creative and productive experiences, which is why we are thrilled to partner with BoM. Together, BoM and Bluescape are bringing back the magic of innovative storytelling experiences.”

“Bluescape’s innovative platform allows us to share and develop creative ideas and content across a global team.”