Bluescape Taps nVisium To Help Secure Next-Generation Infrastructure

nVisium, a leader in application security, today announced that Bluescape, a leading provider of visual collaboration solutions for hybrid workforces, successfully utilized nVisium’s architecture review services to secure the company’s next-generation infrastructure. This comes as Bluescape scales and develops new, innovative infrastructure to accommodate the growing demand for its collaborative canvas and flexible cloud architecture platform that provides virtual tools that meet the collaboration, security and infrastructure needs of organizations in real-time.

Bluescape relied on nVisium to provide a reputable, qualified, and complete review of its next-generation architecture and infrastructure to help identify and remediate any vulnerabilities in its code, validate the strength of its engineering processes, and ultimately prevent the deployment of infrastructure that may be improperly configured or unsecure.

“Engineering validation is an important, long term endeavor that can verify if the DevOps processes of an organization are secure by nature, and is something that all organizations should seek,” said Mark Willis, Chief Information Security Officer at Bluescape. “As a highly qualified third-party, nVisium helped confirm the validity of our security processes while also pinpointing a few areas of improvement where we can implement even tighter security measures. As an organization, we were highly impressed with the level of detail and insight nVisium provided with their cost-effective review of our architecture and would highly recommend them to any organization looking to have such a review performed.”