Bose divests its health-focused hearing aid division amid struggles

Bose has reportedly laid off about 2,000 employees in recent years, closed more than 100 retail stores before the pandemic, and sold a 1,500-employee office campus. “To say that morale is low is an understatement,” said a former Bose employee.

The company has struggled with steadily declining sales after losing significant market share to audio giants like Sonos and Apple, especially since the AirPods Pro launched in 2019. Bose has lost nearly $1 billion in sales between 2019 and 2021.

While Bose will no longer be a part of the headphone game, the company intends to focus on headphones, speakers, and other consumer audio equipment such as car stereo systems. Although Bose fell behind its competitors in both the speaker and headphone categories, it plans to focus on its core range of products available outside of the health and hearing aid market to get back into shape.

The company hasn’t provided a timeline for its hearing aid market exit, and current models of its hearing aids are still available to buy online. your website. Last year, Bose released its SoundControl self-adjusting headphones, but the reception was lukewarm.