BuyDRM Secures Video Workflows in Google Cloud with KeyOS

BuyDRM announced today the general availability of BuyDRM’s industry-leading content protection platform, KeyOS, in Google Cloud. This alliance with Google Cloud allows companies in the media, telecommunications and entertainment verticals to deliver end-to-end VoD and broadcast-quality live video solutions with KeyOS in the Google Cloud.

A variety of Media & Entertainment technologies from BuyDRM including the MultiPack Utility, MultiKey Service and Server, the MultiScreener platform, the MultiPlay SDKs and the WebPlay SDK are now available in the Google Cloud. As part of this deployment, BuyDRM’s imminent new MultiMark™ watermarking service and server are also Google Cloud-ready and in alpha trials.

To provide “Google Cloud DRM,” the MultiKey Server is available as a Docker image for deployment on a client’s instances of Google Compute Engine while the MultiKey Service is available as an “all-Google Cloud” offering running solely in Google Cloud regions around the world. The MultiKey Service and Server both utilize client’s DRM certificates from Apple, Google and Microsoft to enable true consumer-compatible DRM for media & entertainment offerings.