Cisco to Acquire Best-in-Class Audience Interaction Company, Slido

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At Cisco, our goal is to deliver Webex experiences that are 10X better than in-person interactions and an important part of that is making these experiences inclusive and equal for all. We are making sure everyone is included and part of the conversation, whether working from their dining table or in an office building.

Today, I’m pleased to announce Cisco’s intent to acquire privately held Slido s.r.o., a technology company that provides a best-in-class audience interaction platform. Slido technology enables higher levels of user engagement―before, during and after meetings and events. The Slido technology will be part of the Cisco Webex platform and enhance Cisco’s ability to offer new levels of inclusive audience engagement across both in-person and virtual experiences.

In the massive shift to “virtual everything,” remote meetings and events have become the lifeblood for connecting people in all aspects of their lives―from friends to family to work colleagues. According to a recent global workforce survey, 98 percent of respondents expect future meetings to include remote participants. Companies are rethinking how they maintain bonds, foster culture and make virtual experiences with employees, sales and customers―on small and large scales―inclusive and better than in-person interactions.