Cisco Adds Vivoh OnTime To The Webex App Hub

Vivoh OnTime is now available in the Cisco Webex App Hub. This integration extends Webex Meetings and Webinars with a secure streaming service that enables Webex hosts to always start their meetings on time.

If Webex attendees are late, they can use OnTime to catch up at 2X speed. They can use OnTime to pause their live meetings and resume the meeting when ready. Webex attendees can slow down and repeat live meeting content as needed. Attendees can easily jump back into the live Webex meeting at any time.

Vivoh OnTime has a unique, memory-only, streaming implementation that is secured by Webex authentication, encrypted in transit, and never stored on disk. Other streaming services create and store tiny video files and these files are stored on disk in the cloud, are often stored on caching servers across the internet, and may even be shared between computer hosts with peer-to-peer (“file sharing”) technology. These files may contain personal information, be considered records, and subject to controls or data sovereignty regulations.