Cisco Announces Intent To Acquire BabbleLabs To Improve Video Meeting Experience

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced its intent to acquire privately held BabbleLabs, Inc. headquartered in Campbell, CA.

BabbleLabs uses advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) techniques to distinguish human speech from unwanted noise, enhancing the quality of communications and conferencing applications. BabbleLabs goes beyond existing noise suppression technology solutions by:

    • Distinguishing speech from background noise;
    • Removing background noise in real-time; and
    • Enhancing the voice to elevate communication, regardless of language.According to a Cisco global survey* focused on the future of work, 98 percent of workers say they experience frustration from distractions during video meetings when working from home. Two of the top 5 frustrations called out are about background noise—either from other participants or their own side of the call. […]