Cisco announces intent to acquire Epsagon

Today, Cisco is excited to announce our intent to acquire Epsagon LTD., a US-based, modern observability vendor with leading expertise in distributed tracing solutions for modern application environments and technologies, including containers and serverless environments. ​

Applications are the primary way users interact with products and services today. Users demand a seamless digital experience every time. As a result, businesses and organizations are accelerating their digital transformation.

As the technology landscape explodes in complexity, it becomes ever more challenging for IT teams to ensure the performance, optimization, and security of all of their organizations’ technology components. Traditional domain-centric monitoring tools were not built for this level of complexity.

Full-Stack Observability supports seamless digital experiences for modern app architectures and IT teams by providing Observability across the full stack of app, infrastructure, network, and security with real-time insights correlated across domains, and with business context, powered by Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML).

Cisco’s approach to delivering Full-Stack Observability currently starts with our core SaaS solutions including AppDynamics, ThousandEyes and Intersight.