Cisco Extends Webex Security Options Without Compromising User Experience

Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Voicea

News Summary:
– The Cisco Webex Control Hub Extended Security Pack is available now and enables our customers to protect data from accidental misuse and malicious attacks – while delivering the best user experience.
– You can incorporate Cisco Webex solutions into your business processes with confidence, even with the most rigorous data security requirements.

Ninety-five percent of the Fortune 500 choose Cisco collaboration. Cisco also happens to be the world’s largest cybersecurity company. Put those two facts together and it should come as no surprise that Cisco’s got your back when you want great and highly secure collaboration.

Cisco Webex is already well-known for its true end-to-end encryption that protects data in transit, at rest, and in use. It’s also known for its multilayer security that is validated and continuously monitored to comply with stringent internal and third-party industry standards. And today we announce the Cisco Webex Control Hub Extended Security Pack. It packages full-functionality Cisco Cloudlock CASB for Webex Teams with native Webex anti-malware capabilities powered by Cisco Talos ClamAV in Webex Cloud. Read more about the new Webex Extended Security Pack here.