Cisco Systems Pulls Back From Smart City Push

City planners and local governments for years have been preparing for a future where technology remakes the urban landscape, with features such as self-driving cars, smart lighting and connected alarms to help safeguard residents. Communications using 5G technology blanketing the city would allow widespread adoption of smart devices.

For Cisco, best known for providing routers and other networking gear to corporate customers, that vision promised a budding new market. And the effort, built largely around the company’s Cisco Kinetic for Cities software services, became a high-profile initiative for Chief Executive Chuck Robbins as he tried to transform Cisco from a hardware vendor into a company more closely associated with the lucrative business of selling software services.

Now Cisco is moving on. “We recently decided to stop sales and eventually support [for] the Cisco Kinetic for City product line to align our product investment to evolving market needs and customer requirements,” a company spokesman told The Wall Street Journal.