ClearOne Aura Cameras and Microphones Open New Doors for Renowned Drummer Ron Wikso

Modern musicians have access to more opportunities than ever before, with high-speed internet making it possible to conduct interviews, collaborations, remote song and soundtrack recordings, videos, lessons and even live-streamed performances, all from the comfort of their home or home studio. For Ron Wikso, the prolific touring and session drummer currently playing with the Steve Miller Band on their 20+ date summer tour, when he’s not on the road, remote gigs are a vital source of work.

After recognizing that the quality of his conference calls was limited because of the integrated laptop camera and microphone he was using, he recently upgraded his home studio’s capabilities with ClearOne Aura Versa™ cameras that deliver crystal clear video with powerful features that enable far greater creative flexibility.

“I’ve been interviewed on podcasts, I record drum tracks for musicians I never meet in person, and sometimes I’m even involved in performance videos where I film myself and the project lead uses it in their final product,” Wikso explained. “These opportunities have been growing and became especially important when Covid-19 began shuttering live performances. Going forward, I expect to continue collaborating with musicians all over the world, and thanks to the new ClearOne cameras and microphone in my home studio, I’m confident that the quality will be excellent and I’ll be able to test new creative concepts through the use of multiple cameras.”