ClearOne Aura Video Conferencing System Helps City Tourism Agency Present At Its Best for Prospective Events and Visitors

As the Senior Vice President of Sales and Services for Visit Salt Lake, a private non-profit corporation focused on attracting meetings, sporting events, conventions, concerts, tour operators and individual travelers to Salt Lake City, Utah, Mark White knows how important perceptions are. When in-person events and prospective site visits became impossible to coordinate amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the organization was forced to adapt its internal operations and promotional tactics to ensure interested parties would receive the level of attention and assistance they deserve.

“In addition to drawing global organizations to visit our beautiful city, Visit Salt Lake is responsible for accommodating cancellations, so our staff had one of its busiest years ever,” White explained. “We’re essentially the public face for interested organizations, so we quickly became experts in video collaboration platforms and developed new, creative ways to excite and entice prospective visitors. Once that began to feel normal, I realized there was a new potential hiccup in how our clients view us and our city, literally: the video and audio quality we present.”

Since every staff member’s laptop includes a basic webcam and microphone, the immediate solution seemed simple enough. As time wore on, White recognized that the quality and reliability of their audio and video presentations could affect tens of millions of dollars in future business, just like a faux-pas during an in-person visit. Before long, White decided to upgrade to ClearOne’s new Aura video conferencing solutions, providing a huge improvement in video and audio quality with plug-and-play simplicity.