CloudOS as a Service Is Now Available in Beta

SyncPro, the developer of CloudOS, a multi-tenant SaaS platform for deploying, managing, and monitoring collaboration spaces and devices, announced today the beta availability of its new CloudOS as a Service solution.

The company’s cloud platform, built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), has an open API that enables hardware manufacturers and partners to benefit from its rich set of features without the need to develop and maintain proprietary cloud solutions.

The new tier announced today allows SyncPro’s partners to create their own tailored cloud solutions, built on the robust CloudOS infrastructure. In addition to branding and customization options, the new portal will allow SyncPro partners to offer different pricing tiers for their customers and is expected to support further customization features in the future.

“Our mission is to allow every hardware manufacturer in our industry to connect their devices to the cloud in a secure way, with minimal effort,” says Omer Brookstein, CEO and Cofounder of SyncPro. […]

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