Crestron clashes with Aurora over ‘inflammatory’ emails

Crestron clashes with Aurora over ‘inflammatory’ emails

Creston has accused Aurora Multimedia of trademark infringement and making misleading statements in a cease-and-desist letter.

Crestron was responding to marketing emails from Aurora in which the smaller company compared the availability and features of its own products to Crestron’s market-leading DM NVX range.

Aurora began its Crestron-focused campaign in August, with an email bearing the subject line “The solution for Crestron NVX lead time issues”. The email included a tabulated comparison of Aurora VPX and Crestron DM NVX features.

A similar marketing approach has also been adopted by Purelink with a “PureLink replacements for Crestron DM, DMPS, and NVX” email this month which suggested replacements without the feature comparison tables.

Yesterday, Aurora brought the Crestron cease-and-desist letter into the public domain with a new email campaign of its own, bearing the subject line “Aurora CEO Rebuts Crestron’s Cease and Desist”.