Cyviz signs USD 0.9 million contract with Navy Federal Credit Union

Cyviz continues expansion with three new contracts for Microsoft Technology Centers in Europe and the Americas – valued at NOK 22 million (USD 2.7 million)

Cyviz has won a contract with Navy Federal Credit Union (Navy Federal) valued at USD 0.9 million for the deployment of operation center software and hardware solutions for Navy Federal’s global security operations center in Florida. Navy Federal is the largest natural credit union in the United States with 350 locations, USD 160 billion of assets, 12 million members, and 22,000 employees.

“The Cyviz collaboration solutions are ideal for comprehensive and mission critical operations centers and are being selected by high-end customers in a range of industries, including defense and security, energy, and information technology. The contract with Navy Federal was won in fierce competition and is evidence of Cyviz’ ability to deliver according to the highest requirements,” says Espen Gylvik, CEO of Cyviz, and continues:

“As the work-life starts to normalize after the pandemic, organizations invest in long-term collaboration solutions. We experience great interest in Cyviz’ ability to provide dynamic, integrated and multi-purpose collaboration spaces facilitating physical and virtual presence in an optimal way.”