Delivering Robust and Secure Unified Communications Drives New Trópico and RedShift Networks Partnership

Trópico today announced a new partnership with RedShift Networks to provide advanced cybersecurity for protecting and securing unified communications (UC) and cloud UC services (UCaaS). The tremendous influx of remote workers before, during and eventually after the Covid-19 pandemic requires most businesses to secure their employees business communication applications. Leading enterprises and their communication service providers (CSPs) benefit from this new partnership by proactively detecting and blocking costly Robocalls, Malware resulting in ransomware and disruptive telecom denial of service (TDoS) attacks.

The tremendous uptick in UCaaS consumption by enterprise workers and delivery through CSPs delivers ease of use and convenience for users whether on site or remotely located. The underlying protocol for UCaaS services, industry standard session initiation protocol (SIP), suffers the many of the same types of threats facing traditional Internet (IP) networks. Together, Tropico and RedShift stand together to prevent costly, time consuming attacks.

“Our customers’ networks support mission-critical services essential to their businesses and the communities where they operate,” said Paulo Cabestré, Trópico´s CEO. “Unfortunately, many UCaaS networks are attractive cyber-attack targets resulting in extensive damages to both service providers and end users or subscribers. RedShift Networks’ solution delivers intelligent real-time security to help guarantee our clients’ profitability, safety and business continuity.” […]