Dialpad’s Fast-growing Technology Partner Ecosystem Brings Customers More Unified, Seamless Experiences

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Dialpad Inc., the industry leader in AI-powered communication and collaboration, has experienced an increase of nearly 50% to its ecosystem of integrations in 2021. Most recently, Dialpad introduced integrations with Intercom, Microsoft Teams, Miro and Playvox. Dialpad’s emphasis on creating a seamless experience for both technology partners and the customers that use integrations demonstrates its commitment to being the only platform that provides a truly unified communication as a service (TruCaaS) experience.

“Within the Dialpad DNA is a culture of quick, constant and disruptive innovation to right the wrongs of the industry and legacy tech. Each customer has its own unique workflows that require the right mix of applications to help their employees do their jobs. Our technology partner integrations play a key role in helping Dialpad roll out new cloud-based services faster than any other SaaS provider so people can work beautifully on their own terms,” said Bridget Silvi, Director of Strategic Alliances at Dialpad. “Thousands of Dialpad customers use our integrations daily, highlighting the importance of working strategically with leading SaaS companies to deliver best-in-class UCaaS and CCaaS services.”

Dialpad’s TruCaaS platform is designed for the remote workforces of today and tomorrow, presenting distributed teams with a seamless experience for productive collaboration across both business communications and customer engagement. By offering talk, message, meetings and contact center capabilities through a single client, with AI at its core, Dialpad is reducing app overload and streamlining the way businesses communicate and collaborate. Product integrations are key to this vision of unification by helping fill specific needs for customers quickly.