Diversified Closer to Becoming $1B AV Company with Rutledge AV Acquisition

Could there be a new king of the AV mountain? At the very least, we may be on the verge of a $1 billion-dollar AV integration firm—and you might not be surprised, given the fertile M&A market of the past few years, that Diversified is expected to hit the to-this-point elusive mark by some time in 2020, if not sooner, thanks to its latest acquisition.

Diversified acquired Australia’s largest AV integrator, Rutledge AV, last week in a move that gives the company a presence in four continents as it continues its quest to become the first truly global AV integrator, with offices on at least six continents, and maybe a shack in Antarctica for good measure.

Still, even if Diversified has toppled AVI-SPL from the industry’s perennial perch, founder and CEO Fred D’Alessandro maintains there’s a different B word he’s focused on rather than “billion” or even “biggest.” […]