Dolby acquires Millicast, the real-time, ultra-low-delay video streaming platform

Dolby Laboratories, Inc, (NYSE DLB), a leader in immersive entertainment experiences, today announced the acquisition of Millicast, a developer platform that provides ultra-low-latency video streaming capabilities that scale to massive audiences.

Millicast enables developers to take the highly interactive events they build with, from conferences to music concerts, and stream them from the presenter to audiences of more than 60,000 people with delays of less than 500 milliseconds. Millicast will also bolster WebRTC engineering expertise with a highly-skilled team that has developed standards such as WHIP, which enable WebRTC interoperability.

“There is a growing demand to make online events as lifelike and compelling as being there in person,” said Marie Huwe, SVP, “We are thrilled to welcome the Millicast team to Dolby. Together, we expand the platform to make it even easier for developers and businesses to stream real-time content and immersive, interactive experiences that look and sound incredible.”