DTEN Mate Delivers New Wireless, Touch-Driven Control For All Zoom Rooms Devices

The latest innovation from DTEN is now available: DTEN Mate, the multi-purpose, touchscreen tablet designed to manage and enhance Zoom meeting experiences. DTEN Mate is the only wireless, touchscreen compatible appliance to support Zoom Rooms Controller (ZRC).

Developed in close conjunction with Zoom, DTEN Mate works as a controller with any existing Zoom Rooms hardware, including DTEN’s award-winning devices. Start a meeting, share a screen, control the camera — all these functions and more are enabled through the device’s 10.1-inch LED display with high capacitive touchscreen. Plus, because DTEN Mate is wireless, users can control meetings from their chair, in full camera view, remaining entirely visible to remote attendees.

“When running a video conference, you often can’t fully participate; meeting logistics require your attention,” says Rick Corteville, Chief Marketing Officer at DTEN. “DTEN Mate places all the meeting controls at your fingertips, restoring your in-meeting experience and allowing complete focus on your collaborations.”