Enghouse Signs CAD$55 million Contract With Norwegian Government to Deliver Emergency Medical Services System

Enghouse Systems Limited (TSX:ENGH) today announced it has signed a contract with the Norwegian government to deliver technical solutions for the nation’s Emergency Medical Communication Centers (“EMCC”).

The CAD$55 million, 12-year agreement was signed between Locus Solutions AS, the Norwegian subsidiary of Enghouse, and the four regional health authorities. The solution enables health care authorities to provide rapid assistance in response to medical emergencies. These include emergency call handling, coordination of ambulance and other first-response resources, in cooperation with other emergency services and hospitals.

The system will optimize the handling of inquiries, manage resources and provide operators with time-sensitive medical guidance and recommendations for corrective action. The advisories will be based on real-time critical information about the patient’s condition, location, estimated time of arrival and requirements for treatment.

The procurement agreement includes software, services, development, testing and implementation over the term of the agreement. Following the rollout, Enghouse Locus will continue to provide maintenance support and ongoing product enhancements. […]