Enghouse Vidyo bets on Veridas’ facial biometrics to eliminate fraud in video conferences

Enghouse Interactive, a leading global provider of contact center and video collaboration software, and Veridas, a world leader in biometric solutions for digital identity verification development, have unveiled their joint video conferencing solution with facial biometrics. This integration, which has already attracted the interest of major financial institutions, allows agents to verify the identity of customers while conversing with them remotely, in just milliseconds, and with an accuracy of more than 99.9%.

This joint solution, which can be easily integrated into any customer communications platform, significantly increases fraud detection capabilities by comparing the customer’s face in the video call with the customer’s registration data, either a photo or an identity document. This process is frictionless in terms of user experience and, instead, allows the agent to verify the customer’s identity automatically or manually, as many times as necessary, with a simple click. The results are immediately displayed on the agent’s console, and he can accept or reject the initiated transaction if the minimum requirements established by the institution are not met.