Eurovision Sport Selects Haivision Hub Real-Time Video Network for European Aquatic Championships in Budapest

Haivision (TSX: HAI), a leading global provider of mission-critical, real-time video streaming and networking solutions, today announced that Eurovision Sport, part of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), has selected the Haivision Hub video network service to be incorporated within their current solution to provide multiple real-time video feeds to broadcasters across Europe to enable their remote production of the European Aquatic Championships in Budapest, taking place May 10-23.

Leveraging the SRT protocol, Haivision Makito X real-time video encoders and decoders, and the cloud-based Haivision Hub, EBU and its members can produce coverage of the European Aquatic Championships remotely from their headquarters and tailor live content for audiences on multiple platforms within their respective markets. To enable these production workflows, multiple isolated feeds along with the main production feed will be sent from the venue over the global Eurovision Network and Haivision Hub to national broadcasters, giving them the ability to produce their own custom programming, including interviews with star athletes from their respective countries.

“The beauty of the Haivision Hub cloud solution integrated within the unique broadcast services delivered through our network, is that it offers our EBU broadcasters flexibility to do more interviews and create more custom feeds to meet increasing demand for tailored content without staff having to travel to the sports venue,” said Franck Choquard, Head of Content and Platforms, Eurovision Sport at EBU.