Everybody Rumpus — Windows 10 Support is Here

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Oblong Industries, Inc., award-winning maker of multi-stream collaboration solutions, is pleased to announce the Windows 10 public beta of its new visual collaboration application for purely virtual teams.

Rumpus makes online meetings both content and context rich. The desktop app provides simultaneous access to shared screens from meeting participants and delivers a new layer of communication and collaboration with shared pointers for adding clarity, presence indicators for keeping everyone together, and emojis for signaling sentiment. Rumpus leverages the insights the Oblong team gleaned over six years of work with its enterprise customers on Mezzanine, the company’s flagship product for pixel-rich visual collaboration in the workplace. (Oblong is now a Cisco SolutionsPlus Partner to bring Mezzanine to more Cisco Webex videoconferencing environments.)

According to Oblong CEO John Underkoffler, “We created Rumpus specifically to help distributed teams achieve the kind of cognitive synchrony that makes sustained collaborative work hum. With the addition of Windows support, Rumpus now serves the entire community of remote workers, the millions of contributors whose daily work cries out for radically better tools – and specifically tools for true collaboration.”