Evolve IP Offers Occupancy-Based Pricing For Hospitality Industry

Evolve IP®, a leading international service provider of Work Anywhere™ solutions, today announced that it is offering occupancy-based pricing for hotels and resorts as the industry recovers from the global pandemic. Businesses using Evolve IP’s communications solution are only charged for actual guest and meeting room usage versus paying a flat fee for all rooms. While the offer immediately helps hospitality organizations dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, the program is not pandemic-specific and is also ideal for seasonal businesses or those undergoing refurbishment.

Leveraging Evolve IP’s hospitality technology platform, the solution automatically identifies occupancy numbers as guests check-in and out of rooms delivering detailed transaction records that determine actual daily licensing costs. The fully automated approach ensures that hotels and resorts are only paying for what they need, providing the businesses with greater financial flexibility, employee efficiencies, and safeguards should sudden downturns occur.