Exertis unveils partnership with Cloudist

Exertis has joined forces with Cloudist, an innovative Swedish distributor of automated green cloud services, in the world’s first climate-positive data centre.

Cloudist is a Swedish green cloud provider that distinguishes itself from other providers by offering 100% green sustainable cloud services, predictable costs, no lock-in, and accessible and personal service. Its vision is to be the leading pioneer in green cloud services.

Based on Cloudist’s motto ’Green Clouds Ahead’, the company’s offering includes no commitment period, a 100% predictable costs structure, a scalable, pay-as-you-go model that enables IT companies to free up resources, and the capability for customers to personalise a white-label reseller portal with full multi-tenancy functionality.

Today, cloud services are contributing up to 3.7% of CO2 emissions. As a comparison, the aviation industry is at 2.5%. Cloudist’s services are delivered from one of the world’s most sustainable data centres – running on only green hydro energy. Customers can access virtual servers, backup, S3 buckets, Microsoft 365 subscriptions, and disaster recovery as a service through its unique portal.