FinancialForce Increases Productivity for Five9, Resulting in Millions in Added Revenue

FinancialForce, provider of the only modern ERP suite and the #1 professional services automation (PSA), today announced that call-center software leader Five9 saved more than 300,000 hours of non-billable time and gained $2.5 million in revenue due to productivity increases since implementing FinancialForce PSA in mid-2019. The improvements also set the stage for Five9 to help its customers quickly transition to remote workforces during the COVID pandemic.

Five9 adopted FinancialForce PSA to meet the demands of a workforce experiencing 40% year-over-year growth, and to reduce staff time spent on non-billable activities that cut margin. Five9’s previous PSA had failed to scale and automate manual processes. The company chose FinancialForce PSA, natively built using Salesforce, for its ability to connect the front and back office to eliminate process gaps and data leakage. FinancialForce allowed Five9 to bring revenue and cost signals together for visibility that supports better decisions.

Professional services teams quickly adopted the solution as part of their daily work in Salesforce, and now use FinancialForce to create projects as soon as opportunities are moved into Salesforce. Teams calculate project length and can determine how to accelerate projects for efficiency, client satisfaction, and faster revenue recognition. Automatic integration allows data to flow through FinancialForce PSA into Five9’s billing platform. Employees tie to the expense platform so that their charges are automatically billed to customer accounts. […]

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