Five9 Announces Five9 VoiceStream

Five9 to Acquire Virtual Observer, Formerly Known as CSI, to Enable Superior Customer Experience and Transform Contact Center Efficiency

Five9, Inc (NASDAQ: FIVN) a leading provider of the intelligent cloud contact center, today announced Five9 VoiceStream to help customers, partners and system integrators leverage the power of real-time voice and add a broad range of value-added applications on top of the Five9 platform. Five9 VoiceStream is a developer-friendly, modern cloud-to-cloud real-time media streaming API that enables frictionless integrations with partners and is highly secure to ensure customers precious voice data is protected.

“We are witnessing a wave of innovation in the contact center,” said Jonathan Rosenberg, CTO and Head of AI, Five9. “We’ve seen an increased adoption of voice biometrics, agent assistants, sentiment analysis and real-time speech analytics – all showing the need for real-time audio content of calls. VoiceStream represents a major next step in the evolution of APIs for real-time communications. We’ve had web-friendly APIs for controlling a call, but not for streaming one. Until now.”

With Five9 VoiceStream, customers and partners can utilize a RESTful API to stream the agent and or caller audio alongside advanced CTI call events, all in real time. Use cases cover customer authentication via biometrics; agent assistance; agent coaching and training; and real time speech analytics including sentiment analysis. […]