Five9 Introduces Agent Assist 2.0 with AI Summary powered by OpenAI

Five9 Reports First Quarter Record Revenue Growth of 45% to a Record $137.9 Million

Five9 (NASDAQ: FIVN), a leading provider of the intelligent cloud contact center, today announced the general availability of Five9 Agent Assist 2.0 with AI Summary, powered by OpenAI. Using the same generative AI technology behind ChatGPT, the solution summarizes customer call transcripts in seconds, yielding a rapid time to value by reducing manual, after-call work.

The key difference between this and prior versions is the removal of model training and manual categorization. This is possible because LLM technology can be fed a call transcript and a request to summarize it, and it produces high quality results over a large set of conversations, without any prior training on what the conversation is about. This differentiation has the potential for Agent Assist 2.0 to transform the contact center for Five9 customers.

AI Summary is part of Five9’s strategy to unlock a new class of features and products using large language models like GPT-3. With this release, Five9 continues to “democratize” advanced AI applications for customer service by applying technologies that eliminate the time and expense of training the natural language models underlying those applications. This will help to reduce the barriers of entry for not just voice and digital virtual agents, but also AI applications that utilize natural language – including self-service, call routing, automated call scoring (QM), next-best-action and more. Given these savings, Five9 is also helping to deliver these technologies in a way which is affordable to contact centers of all sizes.