Debuts Huddle.Team: A Better Full-Service Video Conferencing System, the world’s leading free conferencing service, has launched Huddle.Team, a complete communication and collaboration solution that goes beyond other videoconferencing systems with features that include world-class audio and video conferencing, a virtual phone for each member of a team, team chat and cutting-edge sharing tools. With permanent remote work and hybrid models of remote work likely to persist in the wake of the pandemic, Huddle.Team is vital for keeping teams connected in all settings. As one of the lowest-cost video conferencing solutions on the market, Huddle.Team begins at $7 per month per host and eliminates the gap between remote and in-person communication.

“Huddle.Team is a new collaboration platform and one that allows us to remain true to our mission of democratizing communications around the world,” said Dave Erickson, CEO of “Both small and large organizations will have the best-in-class service and a platform to enable work-from-anywhere features. We have all lived and imagined the future of videoconferencing, and we’re proud to say that Huddle.Team realizes that full potential.”