Fuze Announces New Patent for Softphone Control Integration

Fuze Broadens Network Connectivity to Enhance Enterprise UCaaS Deployments

Fuze, the leading cloud-based communications provider for the modern global enterprise, today announced that it has been awarded a new patent for softphone control integration. This patent enables users to leverage their existing Fuze Web and Fuze Desktop applications to seamlessly start, control and end Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls, also known as softphone calls, rather than manage calls through a separate device, such as a desk phone.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued Fuze U.S. Patent No. 11079910 on August 3, 2021. Instead of relying on a click-to-call solution that requires the use of an independent device to manage calls, this invention allows more seamless calling by granting softphone call control to users via browser window, internet tab, or standalone web-based application that acts as the call dialer and controller. This invention further enables Fuze to extend its best-in-class embedded integrations with critical business applications, while offering easy communication controls.