Go Small and Go Home– The New Poly Sync 10

While the discussion rages about when we will return to the office, many companies are realizing that they now need a defined strategy to support home working, and hybrid working. Over the past two years, we’ve made do – working on the kitchen table, making calls with the microphone and speakers on a laptop, and yes, telling people they are on mute…

We’ve now reached a point where “make do” solutions for home working and hybrid working just aren’t cutting it. It’s time to look at how you set up a dedicated area at home for working – either for permanent home working, or for the days you are at home as part of a hybrid working approach.

For many home workers, support from IT is a long way away. They are using new tools, learning new ways of working, and need to ensure they have equality in meetings when everyone else is gathered in a meeting room in the office.

The ideal technology for home working that delivers this has three attributes:

  • Let’s you hear and be heard
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Matches your workstyle